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MOL works with awarding and professional bodies to identify opportunities for collaboration.

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Why do awarding and professional bodies work with MOL?

Creating professional memberships

The training we bring to your sector is a significant generator of professional membership. For example, we generate around 1000 new CIPD memberships every year from our CIPD-accredited HR courses.

We're genuinely committed to upskilling. As a result, professionals in your industry continue to reach higher levels of membership.

Upskilling your industry

We offer high quality training. We're proud of:

  • the number of learners we enrol
  • the feedback those learners give us
  • our pass rates.

We provide relevant, current knowledge, aiming to make your sector as competent as it can be.

Decades of experience

We've been around for more than 29 years. We're a secure, established business that has survived and flourished in two recessions. We're adaptable and have ensured that our programmes are fit for the bad times as well as the good.

In-house sales, marketing and public relations

We have internal media development and sales teams who can work with you to generate media, marketing and conversions. We can speak at conferences, exhibitions and open evenings, around the country or online.

Balancing application with academic rigour

Our programmes and learning materials have a very clear focus on application. We're not just here to pass on principles; we're here to give learners knowledge they can apply in the workplace. At the same time, there is a solid academic foundation underpinning everything we do.

Quality assurance

We're experienced at being an academic centre and meeting awarding body requirements. We have a very robust internal quality assurance department. We understand the requirements for delivering qualifications and internal and external verification processes.

Variety of delivery modes

When you build a solution with MOL, you choose from our wide variety of delivery modes. We work with you to select the modes most appropriate to your organisation and sector.

We can also work with you to set the best level of variety within your solution. You may need learning content only, a full combination of learning methods and support – or anything in between.

We can align delivery methods to the culture of your industry, e.g. all-night classes geared to working patterns.

Close contact with employers

Employer engagement is an important part of our ethos. You can use our close employer connections to assess your industry position and the relevance of qualifications you offer.

Honesty, and a genuine interest in your sector

We have a genuine interest in the sectors in which we deliver programmes. Many of us have worked in those sectors and come to MOL wanting to give something back.

We test learning technology to discover whether it fits our solutions – we never employ technology simply as 'bells and whistles.'

We work with prospective learners to ensure the programme they choose is the right one for them.

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MOL works with awarding bodies to identify opportunities for collaboration.